Scrum Product Owner


In the Scrum method of agile software development, there are three fundamental roles: the Product Owner, the ScrumMaster, and the team. Because it is the most demanding of the three Scrum roles, I’ll begin by discussing the Product Owner.

Within the Scrum team, the   Product  Owner is the single  individual  who is responsible for the success of the project. The Scrum Product Owner communicates his or her vision to the software development team, outlines work to be completed in the backlog, and prioritizes it based on business value. Of course, he or she must also work closely with stakeholders (to ensure their interests are reflected in the product) and the software development team (to ensure the product is developed on time and within budget). As such, the Scrum Product Owner must be freely available to the development team to provide direction and answer questions.

However, this mix of authority and availability to the team makes it difficult for the Product Owner to resist the temptation to micro-manage. Because the Scrum method of agile software development values self-organization, it is the Product Owner’s responsibility to respect the team’s ability to complete its work based on its own plan. This means that a Product Owner cannot add work mid-sprint. Even if requirements change or a chief competitor takes a product to market that renders plans irrelevant, the Product Owner must wait until the next sprint planning meeting to redirect a team’s trajectory. (You can imagine how difficult it is to maintain a hands-off approach to management when deadlines draw near and customers make last-minute demands.)

Moreover, the Scrum Product Owner is responsible for constantly considering what activities will yield the highest business value. This means making difficult – even unpopular – decisions during the sprint planning meeting. But, again, because the  Product  Owner is the single  individual  who takes the heat if the project fails, he or she must aggressively stake out what aspects of a  product  are critical, when they are built, and so on. Just as the team has a responsibility to deliver the negotiated work to the Product Owner, the Product Owner is obliged to deliver the product to the customer, according to the customer’s specifications.

Using Scrum to manage agile software development is the leading strategy to help teams reduce risk and associated costs, while increasing the quality of a team’s releases. Through an emphasis on communication and collaboration, Scrum brings everyone together–from developers to stakeholders–to build a better product.


Handmade Enamel Jewelry Lights an Individual Fire


It’s practically an understatement, as the year 2009 reaches it halfway point in a few weeks, that America and indeed the entire world lives in changing times. With all the economic turmoil of late last year and the months of economic slowdown that preceded it, the current months and years ahead, for millions of us, seem only brighter by comparison.

We suggest that the times to come should not be about having the best or the biggest, conceptions that helped get us into our present economic straits. As we move farther into the 21st Century, we believe the time is right to reawaken our sense of the individual and renew our appreciation of the homemade. In particular, we believe for a myriad of social and political reasons the time has come to take special interest, and individuals and as a culture, of the benefits of handmade jewelry.

Appreciating the singular, rather than the standard

Just this week General Motors, the patriarch and best example of mass production, filed for bankruptcy, creating an economic vacuum in the city of Detroit that might never be filled again. The event sent tremors through the national financial news outlets and something like a low-key panic among hundreds of economic experts. After years of limping along with sluggish sales from a diffident public, and faced with staggering competition from foreign car makers, the corporate monolith gave up the ghost, appealing to the already strained federal government for protection.

General Motors, along with the Ford Motor Company, presided itself on its devotion to the idea of mass production for close to a century. To be fair, the ability to mass produce automobiles was an inestimable boon to our nation and its economy. But the collapse of GM in its own dramatic way highlights a shift in consumer perspective. Rather than having what everyone else has, the trend now shifts towards having something that’s unique. Why buy a CD when you can create your own MP3 playlists? Why read commercial fiction when you can publish your own online magazine?

The dawning of personalized, individualized tastes and products

The art and craft of handmade enamel jewelry involves taking many different designs of a similar theme but approaching each finished product as a separate and unique creation from even the jewelry piece created immediately before and after it. In creating handmade enamel jewelry, the artisan works with a variety of materials and motifs, sculpting, painting, and tooling many difficult ingredients to create a distinctive creation that’s literally a work of art.

Handmade jewelry artists – like most artists – often draw their inspiration from their own spiritual studies and their life experiences. As a result, the shopper for handmade enamel jewelry really only needs to find a handmade enamel jewelry craftsman with a similar worldview or understanding of spirituality. Of course, it’s also entirely likely the customer will use their new jewelry to expand their own spiritual horizons, as well, bringing an additional value to their jewelry purchase.


Tourism Product Development


Tourism product development is mainly undertaken to facilitate product diversification, development or improvement of tourism products with the help of knowledgeable and qualified staff. It aims at enhancing visitor experience by building consensus and strategic alliances with business stakeholders in order to bring about socio-economic growth. Tourism product development seeks to support in the maintenance, development and enhancement of the tourism product.

A large number of companies offer training programs and advice on tourism product development. The services include sustainable tourism   product  planning and development, presentations, seminars, campaigns and strategies for destination marketing organizations,  individual  operators and agencies. These companies make use of a community and stakeholder-based approach to assist businesses and destinations to plan for successful tourism in the long-term from cost-effective, environmental and communally sustainable perspectives. These companies provide an extensive range of specialized services designed to help  individual  tourism operators, associations and  product  clubs, educational institutions and government agencies effectively attain their short and long-term goals. Some of these companies are designed to assist government and quasi-government agencies in the development of the tourism industry, principally by coordinating and aiding timely action between public and private sector interests.

Tourism product development aims at long-term sustainable development by the execution of a number of strategies. These strategies bring into focus a generic idea to increase competitiveness, build an inclusive industry by promoting closer integration of people and develop and maintain the environment. Tourism product development is designed to increase the income in the sector. Tourism product development involves implementation of a comprehensive plan of action that will guide towards dealing with estimated increase in business over the short, medium and long-terms.

Tourism product development helps in improving product quality by complying with the standards set by international benchmarks. It helps in product improvement by tourism training. It helps in product diversification by acting as a channel, facilitator and controller for development through sports and community based development with stress on culture, heritage and eco-tourism.


Custom Memory Foam Products on the Market Today for Pets, Heavier Individuals and More


Since the very first memory foam mattress hit the markets in the early 1990’s, memory foam  products  have rapidly evolved in order to fit nearly any person’s  individual  need…including your pets!

First, the actual material has different variations of firmness, tensility, density and so on. These options provide  individuals  with chronic pain or even issues with body weight to have a comfortable nights sleep while keeping their spine more aligned and less pain throughout their body. Now as for the pet beds, we are currently seeing a trend in which many households not only want a memory foam mattress for their family, but also their dog or cat. In addition to ‘pet-pedic’ products’ growing popularity, new innovations are always in the works. How would you like to sit in a memory foam seat in your vehicle? Now that’s what I call comfortable! Currently, manufacturers are developing plans to implement visco elastic foam in car seats in order to improve their customers’ experiences with the brands. This actually brings us back to the early days of memory foam where the technology was developed by NASA in order to help relieve the astronauts of the massive g-force pressure during lift off.

Would this same idea allow us to experience a much more comfortable road trip or long drive? Actually visco elastic foam improves circulation by relieving pressure points on the body through the temperature sensitive memory foam material. So theoretically, it may just improve our vacation experiences. Now, the only thing to be concerned with is getting a little TOO comfortable.

Another issue regarding visco foam mattresses with weight issues for the  individual  using the mattress. Manufacturers have indeed taken this into account and in order to provide a high quality and beneficial sleep experience, they have developed memory foam mattresses with much higher densities and firmness so that the material does provide the benefits manufacturers and their warranties ensure.

As for the pets, many more studies will need to be completed by dog whisperers from all over the world in order for manufacturers to fully develop their innovative pet products as demands have been surpassing many manufacturers’ expectations! OK so the dog whisperer thing wasn’t true; however, manufacturers are researching what more they can do for your beloved family pet.

All in all, we are on the right track in regards to our sleep systems currently available on the market today. Will memory foam raise Starbucks stock price due to more coffee on the highways throughout the world? Who knows? But one thing is for sure, the benefits of this material are endless and I look forward to all of its many uses in the coming future.


How Individual Body Chemistry Influences A Fragrance


Why is it that a fragrance you like on a friend never smells the same when you put it on yourself? The answer lies with your own body chemistry. Many factors can affect how a perfume will react with your skin. Choosing the right fragrance should be done with thoughtfulness and care.

As you search for the right perfume for you, you need to know the proper way to apply fragrance products. People should not be able to smell your scent from further than an arm’s length away from your body. If they can, you are either using scent incorrectly or have chosen the wrong one for your personal body chemistry.

Fragrance products should be layered for the best and longest lasting scent. Spray eau de parfum on your skin from your feet up to your shoulders. Then apply your perfume just at the pulse points. Pulse points are places on your body where you can feel your heart beat. Most common and easy to find pulse points are the base of your throat, behind your ears and at your wrists. Behind your knees, in the crook of your elbow and inside your ankles are more points that are easy to find.

Fragrances begin to work with your body chemistry as soon as they’re placed on your skin. As the product heats up from your body heat, the scent is released into the air. At this point, many factors have influenced how the product will smell including skin type, diet, medications and pigmentation of your skin. Even the environment and your mood can influence how the scent will react with your body chemistry.

Scents will be more powerful on someone with a high fat intake in their diet than on a person with a low fat intake. Dietary changes can change the way your usual perfume smells on you so keep that in mind the next time you start a diet. You may need to switch scents as your body chemistry adjusts. Your skin type also has a powerful effect on your fragrances. The oils of your skin hold the scent so people with oily skin need less fragrance and those with dryer skin types will need to apply scent more frequently. Even a medication change can have an effect on how your scents react to your skin.

When looking for the right scent you should always test the product directly on your skin. Since you now know that your body chemistry changes the way the fragrance smells, you should never base a decision on how the perfume smells in the bottle. Test no more than three products at a given time. Your nose and sense of smell will quickly become desensitized if you overdo it.

Since body chemistry is affected by so many factors and can change quickly, it is better to have several types to choose from. This way you can accommodate your body changes and still wear a perfume that you enjoy.


Wholesale Buying And Individual Selling On Ebay


For people who have not had a prior experience in online selling, understanding the intricacies and workings of eBay can be difficult. The newest trend on this very popular auction site is that of buying and selling wholesale products. Before going into the complexities of online auctioning and selling, a description of the actual way of using eBay to put products up for sale must be provided. Known to most as simply a website, eBay is, in reality, much more than that. There is no physical store called eBay and what this online store does is helps you buy and sell goods at the best possible prices. All that one needs to do to sell goods on eBay is enlist with the online store which only takes a few minutes; however, the entire process of a sale takes just about a few days. The initial price is specified by the seller after which the product stays online for sometime and finally the buyer who is also the highest bidder gets to grab the goods!

More recently, auctioning of wholesale goods has become extremely popular. Most online sellers these days are seen aiming at sources that sell wholesale goods that maybe resold via an auctioning site. These sources can range from online sellers to flea market dealers. The products that small retailers have the capacity to sell like hot cake and as a result are bought by sellers who want to resell them online. Selling wholesale products on an auctioning site like eBay obviously has its own advantages. But in order to gain the most advantage from an auction site, you would need to establish your business as a “real” one. Otherwise, you will always face the risk of being declined by wholesalers.

Establishing the authenticity of your business is to ensure that your enquiries do not get turned down by the wholesalers. If you want your business to be regarded as genuine, then the first step to ensure it will be to get a tax number (known by different names in various countries) seeing which the tax authorities will provide a business license. Once this is done you are ready to approach a wholesaler who can provide you with fast- selling goods that are bound to create ripples on auctioning sites like eBay. The best thing about buying wholesale from small but established wholesalers is that you get access to the best goods at an unimaginably reasonable price. You could even try drop-shipping which can further reduce pricing and investment in wholesale goods.

Arranging for sales on a site like eBay can actually get your financial status a great lift. How? Again going wholesale is the answer. For eBay sellers who get hold of products from wholesalers, it is always easier to earn profits. This is because auction sites like eBay allow sellers to put up sale for  individual   products . Thus, as soon as a person is acquiring goods from a wholesaler he just needs to part with a highly discounted sum of money (due to purchase of volumes), while during the sale of the same goods he can earn  individual  profits (selling retail). The best thing about eBay is that it reaches out globally to many consumers and any  individual  putting up a sale can expect the simplest of commodities to reap in the greatest of fortunes. This happens because the seller can wait until the highest price comes his way and this further ensures that the profit margin remains high every time.

Selling on eBay is “a dream come true” for every one out there contemplating to make good business. All that a seller needs to pay is a minimal amount during the time of enlisting and then another meager sum when the product ultimately gets sold. There are no hidden costs and the seller gets the price he wants. There are no middlemen involved and trading on eBay means you get what you see!


Self Defense Products For the Individual


There are times when an  individual  may need to go out late at night. Even during the day criminals and dangerous people roam the streets. It is vital that every  individual  protects themselves and their loved ones from harm. There are personal protection  products  that  individuals  can purchase to be as safe as possible on the streets late at night. Sometimes college students need to walk back to their dorms from the library after a long night of studying.

A person may need to walk to the store for an item at midnight. These people need the protection and safeguard products. They can be bought from various dealers and they will be ensured that their defense is the main interest. An  individual  needs to feel secure walking late in the evening. Many  individual  are scared and nervous roaming the streets. Be at easy with self defense products.

An  individual  can purchase pepper spray or mace pepper foam to get away from an attackers quickly and painlessly. Stun guns are another security measure that can disable a predator long enough to get out of harm’s way. There are even cell phone stun guns that an  individual  could keep in their hands and use it whenever a threat is detected. These types of defense devices can even come in the form of a pepper pager.

There are many different styles of weaponry that a person can use to defend him or herself against any type of attack. Mini stun guns can fit snug in a pocket or purse for easy access. An  individual  does not need to worry about being a victim when they have personal defense  products  readily available at their disposal.

If an  individual  does not like to use weapons, there are other means for defending one’s self. Instructional fighting videos can teach a person how to guard against an attacker with special techniques. These are used to disable an assailant and get away quickly to call the police.

With various kinds of methods to protect one’s self, an  individual  no longer needs to be a casualty. These techniques will protect and serve well when anyone is trying to harm a person. An ATM is an attackers number one hideout; a person can be protected easily when instructional fighting videos are absorbed.

There is no reason a person has to be afraid to leave their home. With certain protection devices as stun guns or taser guns, a person can walk freely and protect themselves from  individuals  who want to harm them or rob them. A person should not live their life through what could happen. Do not let the time of day or neighborhood stop a person from conducting everyday occurrences. When these people are protected, it will be the criminals that will be fearful.