Does One Size Fit All?


Everyone has their own version of what they take for nutrition. Each one whether its from your local grocery store, a health food store or other means of nutritional supplement, they are all a one size fits all. Read the label of all the products on the market. They all tell you to take the same dosage as the next person. Are we all built the same? Does each of us have the same make up in our body chemistry? NO!! We are all   individuals , each with our own make up. Sure almost all of us are the same on the outside, two arm, two legs, one head.LOL.. But on the inside we are all as different as snowflakes. Not one the same. No two people have the same DNA, and I mean no one. So why is everything on the market a one size fills all? If I take the exact nutritional supplement as you it will effect my body differently then yours. I may need more B’s for stress, You may need more C’s or Iron. Yet the vitamin companies put their product on the market with the one size fits all mentality, knowing that their product may not help 2/3 of the people that take their product. But what do they care, they made a sale and you really aren’t sure how you are suppose to feel or really if the  product  is helping you as an  individual . Let me make this clear DNA Doesn’t Lie! What if you could create a product specifically for you, to match your DNA? No more one size fits all. What would you say….Unheard of, No way, Your talking gibberish…….No I’m talking NOW!!! On August 4th of 2008, a 12-year old publicly traded genetic biosciences company launched a 100% Product Personalization from Your Personal DNA Assessment — This is a revolutionary new health and beauty products concept that will absolutely and completely change the way people make personal product choices. This is a unique and compelling story that is captivating the hearts and minds of health conscious consumers. AND, it’s gaining serious attention from entrepreneurs, marketers and investors alike. Welcome to the future. The LifeMap Nutrition(TM) System is a technologically advanced, DNA-guided, customized nutritional system based on your own unique genetic code. The same company that developed the world’s FIRST and ONLY DNA-Guided Skin Care System is now introducing a completely customized nutrition product that anyone can afford. This is advanced genetic nutrition – focused on YOU!

How can I be sure my customized product contains high quality ingredients? GeneWize uses only organic and natural ingredients where available; our state of the art manufacturing facility is fully GMP, FDA and ISO compliant.

What if I have specific nutritional needs due to my lifestyle? For example, what if I am an athlete, or what if I work long hours and have low energy? To help address your specific lifestyle needs, in the near future GeneWize is planning to offer a variety of affordable “Lifestyle Boosts,” which can be formulated with your DNA specific product.

What is an individually formulated “Single Product Solution,” and why is it important? GeneWize has patents (and patents pending) on its collection kit and DNA assessments and utilizes a manufacturing and formulation system designed to effectively create an affordable customized, individually formulated product based on your DNA. Ultimately, you receive a “single product” solution rather than multiple bottles and boxes. The benefits of the Single